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Course Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 32 credit hours, distributed as follows:

  1. CWL 501 and 502.  These are usually taken in the first year of graduate study.
  2. Two other CWL seminars from the core sequence 551, 561, 571, and 581.
  3. One or two courses in the major literature.
  4. At least one course in the minor literature
  5. One or two courses from the above categories.  A student may take one course in a non-literary field that will provide cultural and historical contexts for the study of the student’s literatures.

At least five of the eight courses should be at the 500-level.  Enrollment in all courses should be first discussed with the DGS.  Independent Study courses do not normally count toward the distribution requirements, though exceptions may be made in cases where instruction essential to the student’s literature program is not regularly available in courses and seminars.

Students are strongly encouraged to take courses and seminars with professors in their major areas of study, as some of these professors may then serve on the student’s examination committee and later sometimes on the thesis committee.