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The M.A. Equivalency Exams

The student who enters the Program with a recognized M.A. degree in a literary field may choose to take the M.A. equivalent exams rather than sit for another formal M.A. degree.  The M.A. equivalent exams, which are normally taken at the end of the first year in residence, consist of two exams.

  1. A critical theory exam as described here.
  2. A period exam in the minor literature, NOT the major field of study for the previous M.A. degree, (2 hours in length), based on a reading list of 15-20 works. See description of the minor literature exam above.

The M.A. equivalent exams are evaluated in the same manner as the regular M.A. exams.  If the student has completed 32 credit hours prior to taking the M.A. equivalent exams but is denied admission to the Ph.D. Program, then that student receives a terminal M.A. degree.  If 32 credit hours have not been completed, then the student is dismissed from the Program without an M.A. degree.