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The Program

Once admitted to the Ph.D. Program, the student must maintain a 3.5 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) and must fulfill the general requirements of the Graduate College.  Every student’s academic progress will be reviewed annually by the faculty.  Satisfactory progress is expected.  Absent that progress, the faculty may recommend dismissal from the Program and the University.

A total of 64 credit hours (previously 16 units) are required beyond the M.A. degree or beyond the M.A. equivalent examinations.  This is a minimum, not a maximum, requirement.  If a student has taken more than 32 credit hours while in the M.A. Program, some of those credit hours may be applied toward the residency requirement in the Ph.D. Program.  The use of those extra hours in this manner is not automatic, however, and the final determination is made by the DGS.  The 64 credit hours are normally divided equally between courses and dissertation research.  A student must be enrolled in graduate seminars until the preliminary examinations are taken and passed.  It is not unusual a student to take more than the required 32 credit hours of coursework.  In these cases, it is permitted for the student to take 24 credit hours of dissertation research rather than the normal 32. 

The DGS – who has advised the student in the M.A. Program – continues as the principal advisor of the student in the Ph.D. Program through the end of the second semester in residence.  At that time, in consultation with the DGS, the student should formally declare fields of specialization (major literature, two minor literatures, and the appropriate literary periods) and request his or her Major Advisor.  This Major Advisor will normally be the director of that student’s dissertation and will oversee the student’s progress through the remainder of the coursework, the preliminary examinations, and the dissertation itself.