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Sem Spanish-American Lit

CWL 562

Same as SPAN 535. See SPAN 535.

Topic title - Redrawing Hemispheric Borders. This course rethinks boundary-making in and of what is usually called the Americas. How are borders drawn and policed by national states, multi-state accords, as well as dominant ideologies of race, class, and gender? In what ways are boundaries blurred and reinforced by the movements of peoples, things, and ideas? We will explore boundary-making and crossing through respective transnational turns in American Studies, Brazilian Studies, and Latin American Studies. With key insights from Gloria Anzaldúa, Walter Mignolo, José David Saldívar, and others, we will redraw hemispheric borders through fields of study variably marked by colonial, national, and imperial exceptional thinking.

TOPIC TITLE: "Urban Desires: Sex and the City in Caribbean Cultures"