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Affiliated Faculty

Antony Augoustakis

Classics, Comparative Literature, Medieval Studies, Translation

Clara Bosak-Schroeder

Classical reception studies; museum studies; classics and the environmental humanities; Greek and Roman historiography and technical literature; feminist science studies and new materialisms

Zong-qi Cai

Chinese, Comparative Literature, East-West Comparative Theory

Eleanor Courtemanche

Economic and political approaches to Victorian fiction; history of economic theory in Europe and America; socialism and anarchism; history of urban planning; narrative theory; irony and comedy.

Julie Gaillard

20th- and 21st-century French literature, culture and thought

Dara Goldman

Hispanic Caribbean (Cuba, Domincan Republic, Puerto Rico), Latin America, U.S. Caribbean/Latino

Laurie Johnson

18th- to 20th-century German literature, philosophy, and aesthetic theory; literary and cultural theory; history and aesthetic aspects of German psychology and psychiatry

Marcus Keller

Early modern French literature, French Orientalist discourses

Carl Niekerk

18th-century & 20th-century German literature (especially Austrian and GDR literature), literary and cultural theory, comparative Dutch studies

Valeria Sobol

Slavis, 18th- and 19th-century literature; science and literature; the gothic and the uncanny; empire

Nora Stoppino

Middle Ages and Renaissance, Epic and Romance (Italy, Spain, Provence, France, Catalonia), Early Modern travel narratives, Dante, and literary and cultural theory

Renée Trilling

Old and Middle English literature, historiography, critical theory, and gender studies.

Julie Turnock

History of Cinema, Special Effects, Media Aesthetics, Introduction to Film Analysis

Mara Wade

German and Danish, Renaissance and Baroque; Comparative Literature; Jewish Writers