Class Schedule - Fall 2022

CWL 114 - Global Consciousness and Lit

Exploration of the cultural and historical roots of globalization and the development of global consciousness from ancient Greece to the present, as reflected primarily in literature, but also with reference to historiography, cartography, religion, art, politics, economics, and popular culture. Course materials including literary texts, articles, historical accounts, political tracts, films, and paintings focus on the mutual perception of, and historical relationships among Europe, the Arab world, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

CWL 117 - Russ & E Euro Science Fiction

Same as SLAV 117. See SLAV 117.

CWL 119 - Literature of Fantasy

Same as ENGL 119. See ENGL 119.

CWL 191 - Freshman Honors Tutorial

Study of selected topics on an individually arranged basis. Open only to honors students or to Cohn Scholars and Associates. May be repeated one time. Prerequisite: Consent of departmental honors advisor.

CWL 199 - Undergraduate Open Seminar

Credit: 1 to 5 hours. Approved for both letter and S/U grading. May be repeated.

CWL 209 - Jewish American and US Minority Literatures in Dialogue

Same as JS 209 and ENGL 222. See JS 209.

CWL 211 - The Arab-Israeli Conflict

War has been a constant shadow over the lives of Israelis and Palestinians. We will examine the history of attitudes to war and peace in the region as presented through historical documents, memoirs, political statements, poetry, film and short stories. The course explores the plurality of voices and experiences of different political groups, genders, ethnicities, religions and communities. Same as JS 211 and SAME 211.

CWL 212 - Israeli Cinema and Television

Same as JS 212 and SAME 212. See JS 212.

CWL 215 - Madness, Myth, and Murder

Same as SCAN 215. See SCAN 215.

CWL 216 - Legends of King Arthur

Same as ENGL 216 and MDVL 216. See ENGL 216.

CWL 220 - Exploring the Greek and Roman World

Same as CLCV 220. See CLCV 220.

CWL 226 - Humanist Persp of Afro-Am Exp

Same as AFRO 224. See AFRO 224.

CWL 227 - Golden Age of Russian Lit

Same as RUSS 220. See RUSS 220.

CWL 230 - Popular Cultures of Contemporary East Asia

Same as EALC 230. See EALC 230.

CWL 240 - Italy Middle Ages & Renaiss

Same as ITAL 240 and MDVL 240. See ITAL 240.

CWL 241 - Early Masterpieces of Western Culture

Comparative study of major works of literature, philosophy and culture in the Western tradition from the ancient world to the Renaissance, from Homer and the Bible to Shakespeare and Cervantes. Emphasis on the works as representative of their historical and cultural period, as well as how these works create the cultural world we live in today. Prerequisite: Completion of campus Composition I general education requirement.

CWL 251 - Viking Mythology

Same as MDVL 251, REL 251, and SCAN 251. See SCAN 251.

CWL 254 - Grimm's Fairy Tales in Context

Same as ENGL 266 and GER 251. See GER 251.

CWL 257 - Enlightenment Literature and Culture

Same as ENGL 206. See ENGL 206.

CWL 259 - Early African American Literature and Culture

Same as AFRO 259 and ENGL 259. See ENGL 259.

CWL 262 - Gender & Sexuality in Greco-Roman Antiquity

Same as CLCV 240 and GWS 240. See CLCV 240.

CWL 264 - Introduction to Greek and Roman Theater

Same as CLCV 222 and THEA 210. See CLCV 222.

CWL 267 - The Short Story

Same as ENGL 245. See ENGL 245.

CWL 272 - Sexuality and Literature

Same as GER 270 and GWS 270. See GER 270.

CWL 275 - Masterpieces of East Asian Lit

Same as EALC 275. See EALC 275.

CWL 311 - Japan Lit in Translation I

Same as EALC 305. See EALC 305.

CWL 322 - The Comic Imagination

Same as CLCV 323 and THEA 323. See CLCV 323.

CWL 324 - Dostoevsky

Same as ENGL 322 and RUSS 322. See RUSS 322.

CWL 414 - Petrarch & Boccaccio

Same as ITAL 414 and MDVL 414. See ITAL 414.

CWL 461 - Lit Genres and Forms

Structure and development of literary genres and forms in historical perspective (for instance, drama, parody and the grotesque, poetry, fables and fabulists, and modern fiction); essential international components and significant national variations of such genres and forms. Emphasis changes from term to term. 3 undergraduate hours. 3 or 4 graduate hours. May be repeated to a maximum of 9 undergraduate hours or 12 graduate hours. Prerequisite: One year of college literature or consent of instructor.

CWL 493 - Senior Thesis and Honors

Independent research guided by tutor(s), leading to the writing of a comparative thesis. Intended primarily for candidates for honors in comparative literature, but open to other seniors. 3 to 6 undergraduate hours. No graduate credit. May be repeated to a maximum of 12 hours.

CWL 496 - Special Topics in Comp Lit II

Selected literary topics of international significance in relation to other cultural expressions. 3 undergraduate hours. 3 or 4 graduate hours. May be repeated to a maximum of 9 undergraduate or 12 graduate hours. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

CWL 501 - Theory of Literature

Major issues of literary theory, critical approaches, and comparative research.

CWL 503 - Historiography of Cinema

Same as ENGL 503 and MACS 503. See MACS 503.

CWL 511 - Applied Literary Translation I

Same as EALC 511, GER 511, SLAV 501, and TRST 501. See TRST 501.

CWL 535 - Nabokov

Same as RUSS 535. See RUSS 535.

CWL 571 - Seminar in Literary Relations

Investigation of the impact of one literature upon another, or of some specific works upon others (the role of English literature in continental Europe, the influence of Russian novelists on French and German writers, etc.). May be repeated to a maximum of 12 hours if topics vary.

CWL 576 - Methods in Slavic Grad Study

Same as SLAV 576. See SLAV 576.

CWL 581 - Seminar Lit Themes

Study of a theme or type (the Faust myth, the romantic hero, etc.) to discover its essential components in all the literatures studied and the significance of national variations. The subject of the seminar varies each term. May be repeated to a maximum of 12 hours if topics vary.

CWL 593 - Special Studies

CWL 599 - Thesis Research

Intended for students engaged in writing a thesis as a partial requirement for the M.A. or Ph.D. degree in comparative literature. Approved for S/U grading only. May be repeated to a maximum of 8 graduate hours.