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Student Spotlights

  • 2022 - Dissertation Title: Transcolonial Nationhood: Global Interplay in Irish and Korean National Theatre. Lecturer, Yonsei University
  • 2020 - Dissertation Title: “The Practice of Memory: Decolonial Resistance in Indigenous Chile and the Chilean Diaspora”. Assistant Professor of English, Syracuse University Disorienting Memory / Reorienting the Present: A response to Ethan...
  • 2019 - Dissertation Title: Acts of Re-membering: Representations of the Past in Irish and Basque literature. Lecturer in Basque literature and language at the University of California, Santa Barbara    
  • 2019 - Dissertation Title: Forms of Disciplinary Fragmentation: Holistic Healthcare and the Categorical Division of Academic Labor
  • 2019 - Dissertation Title: “Where foot knocks against/the unburied bones of kin”: Topographies of Memory and Amnesia in Poland and Spain
  • 2018 - Dissertation Title: As Lively Mock’d as Ever: Plasticity and the Aesthetic Image of Life Brandon on Academia    
  • 2018 - Dissertation Title: Translingual Nostalgias in Modern Sanskrit and Indian Poetry in English. Affiliate Instructor in English at Bradley University Academia    
  • 2016 - Dissertation Title: Memoried Flesh: Shock and Trauma in Late Nineteenth-Century Russian Fiction. Assistant Professor of English, NYIT-Nanjing    
  • 2016 - Dissertation Title: The Postmodern Structure of Consciousness. Associate Professor at Aarhus University, Denmark    
  • 2016 - Dissertation Title: Muddy Points of Entanglements: Translocal Fictions in Africa and the Diaspora. Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature in the Department of Languages, Literature and Philosophy at Georgia Southern University