The World Literature major provides an engagement with two or more literary and cultural traditions, studied in translation. World Literature is an interdisciplinary field whose practitioners study literature and culture across national borders, across time periods, across languages, across genres, across boundaries between literature and the other arts (fine and applied arts, music, painting, dance, film, etc.), and across disciplines (philosophy, science, medicine, law, history, architecture, sociology, politics, and the like). This concentration can be easily combined with a certificate in Translation Studies, a major or minor in Global Studies, Area Studies, Ethnic Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, or majors and minors in anthropology, cinema and media studies, history, music, political science, philosophy, world religion, the visual arts, and related fields. Study Abroad and work in several languages and cultures and across disciplines is strongly encouraged.

A student who elects World Literature as a major must complete 33 hours, including at least 9 hours in courses numbered 200 or above (and two courses at the 300-400 level).