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The Director of Graduate Study (DGS)

Upon entering the program, each new student should meet immediately and then as needed with the DGS, who is responsible for making recommendations on the student’s curriculum and other matters and will monitor the student’s academic progress.  The DGS continues as the student’s principal advisor throughout the M.A. Program; at the end of the first year of the Ph.D. Program, students should choose a Major Advisor, but continue to consult with the DGS about coursework and requirements, progress toward degree, scheduling preliminary exams, and the like.  The DGS will address issues of concern to the student and, when necessary, will consult with other faculty or administrators about those issues.  Student complaints and other problems are normally first handled by the DGS, who will then advise a course of action.

Faculty in the student’s areas of interest should also be consulted by the student.  Indeed, that is recommended, as these professors will most likely become the student’s principal mentors at some point.