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Graduate Students

French, Turkish, English

Migration and memory in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Mary Casey

English, Spanish, Portuguese and Modern Greek

Mediterranean Studies, Cinema & Media Studies

Postcolonial Studies, Diaspora Studies, South Asian-Canadian Literature. 

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese 

Memory, postcolonialism, phenomenology, borders, migration, translation

Arabic, Spanish, English

Colonization, diaspora, postcolonialism, borders, migration, modern literature and art of the Levant.

English, Latin, Ancient Greek, Italian


Classical reception in the Romantic period; nature and architecture; expressions of grief in poetry; gender and sexuality

Arabic (Classical/ Modern Standard/ Colloquial Varieties), English, French, Italian, Berber

North African Literature, Arabic Contemporary Literature, Morocco and al-Andalus, and Spain-Morocco intercultural exchange, Borders, Migration, Postcolonial Studies, Political Theory.

English, Bengali, Hindi, German, Japanese


Postcolonialism, Shakespeare in Asia, Translation and Adaptation studies, Cinema and Media Studies, Theatre and Visual Arts

English, Korean, Russian, Japanese

Postcolonialism, Transcolonialism, Modernism, Drama, Theatre, Translation


English, French, German, Russian

European modernism; biopolitical discourse and film; detective fiction

Eva Kuras

English, French, Italian, Persian.

Medieval French, Italian and English literature. Classical Persian literature. Development of the narrative romance genre. "East-West" cultural transmission in the Middle Ages.

English, French, Russian, Spanish

20th and 21st century European and North/South American literature, translation & adaptation studies, critical theory, phenomenology/hermeneutics, theatre, surrealism & avant-garde

Lizy Mostowski

English, Polish, French

Polish-Jewish identity narratives, Holocaust literature, memory studies, autobiography, oral history

Twentieth-century American, Japanese, and Yiddish literatures; multilingualism; critical theory; memory studies; avant-garde; modernism/postmodernism

Meagan Smith

English, Russian, Spanish

English, Russian, and Spanish literatures of the mid to late 20th century; with a particular emphasis on the cultural politics of the Cold War and the neoliberal turn. 

My research focuses on representations of border walls and border zones in Soviet, American, and Mexican science fiction and utopian/dystopian novels and films. 

German, French and American literature of the early 20th century, especially from the period between the world wars. 

Modje Taavon [black and white photo of a woman in profile wearing a cloche hat]

Persian, Arabic, English

Greco-Arabic Translation movement, the reception of Classical philosophy in the medieval Islamicate world and its role in the development of "western" intellectual traditions, especially in medieval and early modern Europe


English, French, Italian, Spanish

19th- and early 20th-century British and French literature; literature and the arts; history of the image, visual and material culture; psychoanalytic theory; neuroaesthetics

Mandarin, English, German, Ancient Chinese, Cantonese

German and Chinese 19th-, 20th-, and 21st-century literature, space, gender, modernity

English, Spanish, French

Colonialism & Post-colonialism; Indigenism/Indigenous authors; Anthropological Approaches; Political philosophy and Epistemology; Translation and Adaptation Studies